Hi, I’m Deanne, Your Authentic Messaging Strategist Copywriter.

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Making Things Better for Your Marketing

The Right words in the Right message to the Right people with the Right strategy.

It is all about You and getting everything Right for Your success.

I’m all about helping you get things right, get things done and move forward with confidence and success.

You could call me a gap-finding, bridge builder, fixer-upper, clarity creator and confidence booster who is all about being authentic within business.

Big Picture: Custom bundles to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Root Deep: Define your business roots to gain clarity and empowerment. You step forward with confidence and certainty to consistently showcase your business and sell with integrity.

No Cringe or Boredom: Creative innovative content, copy and messaging that connects with your TA. You become their go-to Authority.

Nothing Fake About It: There’s a difference between getting out of your comfort zone and being fake. I align your strategy with your natural strengths & authenticity.

Mission & Vision

Deanne Elms' copywriter mission to empower entrepreneurs

My mission is to help you be an empowered confident entrepreneur who thrives and feels supported.

I am to lighten your load & keep your business growing by helping you get clear and confident about your business roots, stand out genuinely and establish you as the Feel-Good Go-to authority in your market.

And of course, provide you with exceptional, effective no-cringe content/copy to make all that happen so you sell with integrity.

Deanne Elms Copywriter vision to be an inspiring authentic leader and ally for entrepreneurs

Leadership: To be a leader inspiring entrepreneurs to serve and sell with integrity and authenticity.

To create a community of entrepreneurs who support and celebrate other and who recognize that you don’t need to knock others down as you climb up.

Ally: To be an ally helping entrepreneurs achieve confidence and success rooted in authenticity and integrity including those who started at a disadvantage point.

Partnering with the Right Person Makes Everything Better

I’m freelance writer who studied from one of the best copywriters in Canada, Steve Slaunwhite, and completed the University of Toronto’s SCS Strategic Copywriting Certificate program and the AWAIs Marketing for Copywriters course.

Once upon a time, I was a Physiotherapist and also a HSE Coordinator. I have loved it all, met wonderful people and learnt great things along way.

Now I am all about making things better for you with the right words in the right messages to the right people with the right strategy.

If you appreciate a person who values lifelong learning and curiosity, who is creative and has a great big passion for making things better and helping people, then I am just what you need.

Whether your business is soaring, struggling or stuck, I’m here to help you find/keep your success authentically.

Be Authentic & Enjoy Success

Move your business forward with the Right word in the Right message to the Right people with the Right Strategy.

You & Your Target Audience are the Focus

The Copywriter's special skills for effective copy

Who I Work With:

Client 1 – the Soaring Business.

  • You outsource to experts and focus on what you do best for your business.
  • You enjoy consistent success.
  • You want to work with an expert to showcase your business even better.
  • You’re on top of the world. You need a one time asset, a single project or a retainer project.

Client 2 – the Struggling Business.

  • You stumble over your words describing what you do and offer.
  • You have low traffic and conversions.
  • You feel fake posting endlessly on social media. And crickets are all you hear no matter what you try.
  • You’re feeling worried. You’re disconnected from who you are, who you serve and your messaging.

Client 3 – the Stuck Business.

  • Your growth is at a standstill but you want to scale your business.
  • You try to do everything yourself, yet you have no time or expert knowledge of content/copywriting.
  • You are feeling frustrated and have lost your focus in the chaos.
  • You’re burning out, disconnected from your client work and stagnated.

My passion is Health & Wellness and related sectors of empowerment, self-development, fitness, leisure, arts, parenting, etc. However, I can research and write anything that feels right. So do get in touch to learn what I can help you with.

Writing Style

The copywriter's writing style description

Beyond Work

Strategic Content & Copywriter life beyond work

In my free time, I love being with my most favourite person, my son.

I call it a super day if I am in nature hiking, camping, gardening , or coaching kids. Whenever I get a chance, I write fiction, hit the cinema or theatre, or read as much as I can.

I love learning and sharing knowledge. And being creative is one of my true joys. And lastly, I have never been bored. There’s just too many interesting things to explore.

Other Reasons to Work with Me

I am a professional who likes to offer my best work every time and on time.

I make it a point to understand you, your business roots, your goals and your target audience. I strategize a big picture plan that deeply connects with your audience and moves you forward authentically.

I offer research-based, client focused content/copy so you stand out authentically.

And of course, I enjoy what I do and love helping people succeed. Enough about me.

Be Authentic & Enjoy Success

Move your business forward with the Right words in the Right message to the Right people with the Right Strategy.